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Option to unstyle the listview

People keep using repeaters due  to the listview having native styling which needs to be overridden every time... Where the repeater just seems easier because it doesn't have any pre-baked styles. However we all know how much better the listview is at memory management. 


It would nice to have an option on the listview to basically remove all styling and turn it into like a Scrollview wrapped repeater (if you see what i mean) 

  • Steve Scott
  • Mar 7 2016
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  • Leo Caseiro commented
    May 11, 2016 03:20

    Why don't you use a repeater, instead?

    <Repeater items="{{ List }}">
    <WrapLayout />
    <Label text="{{title}}"/>
  • Leo Caseiro commented
    May 11, 2016 03:22

    Nevermind, Just read about memory management.


    But you could use CSS to re-style your listview