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Test all documentation and processes with novice users.

All web systems and documentation should be tested with novice users. Otherwise you shoot yourself in the foot, leaving novice users stumbling over mistakes. I am close to giving up already.

The installation and basic creation of an example processes are faulty:


Android Studio was not installed as part of the process.

Running Android Studio to set up a Virtual Device has missed out the step where you need to create a project to access the menus mentioned.


To try again, I set up a brand new Windows 7 and tried the Windows installer.

Small print: Java SDK has to be installed first.

Once the installer started running, it hung some way into installing the Android SDK.

Re-booted an tried again. Installation then completed.

On trying to set up a virtual device, there was lots of screenshots and info about how to press a button marked "install" but nothing about the fact that Android Studio had to be installed first  and nothing about how to get Android Studio to show a menu allowing a virtual device to be installed.

On installing a virtual device, the console showed an unending stream of duplicate information. Killed this.

Giving up. Feet have been shot.


  • J C
  • Aug 16 2017
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