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Put the Forum link in header as per ionic and other sites.

It is a humble request that a forum link should be added in the header as per ionic and other sites. The reason I am making this request is that there are times when new users of the latest framework are eager to gather proper and detailed information related to the use of the framework. For that purpose they want to talk to a person who already has that knowledge and they need that information without wasting much time.

I think this can be done if the people visiting your website have easy access to your forum page. And it would be more feasible if you can keep the forum link on the header itself. 

As a user I have experienced that I have to migrate to various pages for finding the forum page. It really gets annoying for me if I have to go through multiple pages to reach my destination, especially when am working on a strict schedule.

So, I would like to request you that you must give a scalable solution of this situation as I ardently follow your page and would really appreciate if you can take my suggestion and work on the same.

Kind Regards.

  • dinesh dabhi
  • May 4 2017
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