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Cross platform optionsmenu/contextmenu (e.g. popup in the actionbar)

It would be great to have an optionsmenu for iOS, like the already existing popup-menu for Android.

Right now, we are able to set the position of an actionitem to 'popup', so we can put e.g. 10 page-specific menu items there. For iOS, there is no popup menu, that is accessable from the actionbar and you can put only 2-3 items to the actionbar directly,as  there is not enough space for more items. If there are about 10 menu items for a page, the only way for iOS is to put these items into a RadSideDrawer, but what if someone does not want to mix the main menu (RadSideDrawer) with page-specific menu items?


My idea: a module/plugin that deals as a wrapper around the existing ActionBar-Popup menu for Android and some CocoaPod for iOS. So the result should look like this:

The plugin also may wrapping just the ios UIActionSheet.

So you should just have to define the menu items with their corresponding tap-events once (in XML and in code-behind) and the plugin cares for the visualization of the menu on Android and iOS.

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  • Sep 1 2016
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