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Tutorial to add : run on Manymo (Windows)

Hello, here is a tutorial suggestion on :

How to run app/livesync with Manymo (account needed)

First, install Manymo CLI :

and register your account token

Then open a new emulator here

After it boots up, click "Develop" and copie the command. Type-it in a command prompt.

Open another command prompt in your app's environment and type the following :

tns run android (wait until it builds, then press Ctrl+C to quit)
tns livesync android --watch

It's done, you can now apply live changes to your app and you'll see it on Manymo emulator !

Proof it works :


Pros :

- Online

- No issues when trying to get a working Android emulator

- Fast boot

Cons :

- A bit laggy and slow to upload

- 20 minutes limitation per emulator if you don't subscribe


Best regards,


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  • Jun 14 2016
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